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A tiny IoT platform.

Device Management, Data Collection, Processing and Visualization for Your IoT Project.
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Use it everywhere

You can use it on every device like tablet, smartphone and obvisly desktop PC. You need only web browser.

Connect your device

Thingface uses MQTT protocol. So you can use every device, which can makes mqtt connection.

No installations

Thingface is cloud service, what means you don't have to install anything.


devices management

Devices Management

Manage your devices from one place. Nice device overview, list of sensors and quick useful functions.

Data View and Visualization

Turn a pile of data from multiple devices into one (or more) elegant dashboard to quickly get key metrics, statistics, and make decision - in seconds.

Data View and Visualization


Send an email, sms or command to another device, when some event fired. Triggers can make your IoT project more smart :).

API for integration

Thingface has RESTful API and MQTT API for full integration to your system.


..a many other features are comming soon..

Any Questions?

Feel free to ask us if you have any questions. We will happy to discuss.